You, Me And Earth: Product Photography

You, Me And Earth is an eco-friendly company, who embraces nature and are driven by creating sustainable products for their customers. When Emily got in touch with me to photograph her grass straws, I was over the moon. I loved hearing about her story and how dedicated she is about creating sustainable, plastic free and low waste products to help protect our oceans and wildlife. I’m also passionate about helping our oceans through environmentally-friendly products, so I was very eager to work with her, tell her story and ambition through my photography. 

Emily was looking for her straws to be photographed amongst nature as well as being used in a lifestyle setting. I started searching for various locations that would suit the look and textures of the straws and packaging. I took several photos of the straws and box amongst different natural backdrops. We also discussed the concept of the straws being used in a bar set up and with a model surrounded by nature. I knew that Chloe would be perfect for these photos as she is also passionate about protecting our oceans and is a wonderful person and a fantastic model to shoot with. She radiates positivity and I think this shows in the images. We took the photos in the late afternoon sun, which created a lovely glow and beautiful bokeh through the trees (so dreamy!).

For the bar set up, I used a dark wood dresser that lives in my kitchen. I love the texture of the dresser and thought it would be perfect for this photo series. I set up the dresser in multiple ways, using various props to keep the photos interesting. When I took the photos of Chloe, I also used my Fuji camera so I could use the film prints as props for the bar set up. This helped to build a connection with the portraits of Chloe, as though the series tells a story of a girl making a drink, going to sit outside and enjoy the beverage with her grass straw.