USBs are Unbelievably Splendid Bad-boys! ;)

I’m not exaggerating! USBs are unbelievably Splendid Bad-boys! Allow me to explain, I have been searching the web for products which I think look awesome and will make my clients make excitable sounds when given them. Previously, I gave out white USBs with my logo on, and don’t get me wrong I liked them, but I thought they seemed a bit too ‘businessy’. I have been dying to give my clients something that tells their story rather than mine, just like what it says on my website, “Come and follow my adventures… and start yours.” When a couple decide to book me as their photographer, I see it as such an honour and privilege that it makes me beam from ear to ear (and do a little dance too!). I take the time to get to know them, work passionately and creatively on the day of their wedding and then retouch their photos to highlight their story. I want to give them something that represents a honest thank you for choosing me and something that symbolises how special they are and how magical their day was. 

That’s when I found Happier Together on Etsy. I was immediately in awe of the quality and range of the products they were selling on their site. The service was friendly, helpful and quick which made designing and ordering the USBs a breeze. I went for a walnut wood design with engraved text featuring the name of my couples and the date of their wedding. To me, that seems so much more personal and special for my clients rather than having my name all over it. When they arrived in the post, I was soooo excited and thrilled with the end result. Honestly, I sat in my kitchen eagerly opening and closing the wooden box, taking out the USB, removing the lid and putting the lid on again, then putting it back in the box, over and over again because I truly thought it looked very, very swanky! My boyfriend even had a go at it because he thought they looked really good too! Here are some pictures to show you how lovely these little USBs are.

When enquiring about wedding or event photography, these little cuties are available! I also give you an online gallery, which you may share with friends and family, download or order prints until your heart is content. Yay!