My most recent portrait series “Ultraviolet” stems from my love for colour. I tend to use a lot of rich, dark colours in my work, but this time I felt like I needed a change. I use Pinterest as a main source of inspiration (I LOVE PINTEREST!) and over the last couple of months I started a board called “Colour”. I found a lot of interesting pins featuring purples, in all sorts of tones and combining them with other colours to contrast and compliment. Purple is a colour I don’t use very often, even though it is a colour I like a lot. 

When editing the portraits I used my action “silver tones” to remove the warmth from the photos. I also changed the colour of my hear to silver/violet so my blonde hair wasn’t so intense. I kept telling myself I could be a female Gandalf! I then pulled out magenta and blues by using Selective Colour and Gradient Map to give it that violet hint. 

Here’s an example of a before and after. As you can see I retouched the skin and got rid of annoying hairs. I also brought out the make-up more. 

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