The Statement Bag

When Helen told me she wanted to base the shoot around her statement deep purple Gucci bag I was soo excited! I headed over to my beloved Pinterest and refreshed my memory on classic Gucci imagery, in particular looking at the way bags are photographed. On the day I felt prepared to capture all the details of the bag as well as the rest of Helen’s outfit. I think it is really helpful to keep looking at imagery to stay inspired and look at your subject with fresh eyes. 

I really love capturing geometric elements in images and the location was perfect for this. We shot outside of Rose Lane’s Car Park. It’s the funkiest building EVER! The spots of the building contrasted the stripes of Helen’s trousers, whilst the warm yellow perfectly complemented Helen’s hair and bag. We were absolutely buzzing! 

We then wandered down to All Bar One and spotted their sweet yellow chairs and could not resist taking a few photos. We had a drink, a lil rest and a catch up before moving on to the next location with the second outfit. 

The second look was all about being bold in what you wear, choosing items because they make you feel happy and confident. We were feeling thirsty for yellow. On the hunt, searching for the perfect yellow backdrop. The mission was a success as we found the cutest yellow camper van, and certainly made the most of it. We then found a yellow house where the building opposite was casting fantastic shadows. We were spoilt for choice and I was feeling trigger happy! We also decided to take some photos in front of a blue building and a grey building to make Helen stand out more in the foreground. The blue building in particular created a romantic, dreamy feel to the images. Gawwwguss!

Helen films the fun we get up to on our shoots together, so go take a look at her channel -