Temptation - #KatieJadePhotoChallenge

All this week I will be sharing the images I took as part of the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge. Today it is all about temptation.

The photographs I took for the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge will be available for you to buy (£1.00 for a postcard sized print or £6.00 for a 8”x10” print + P&P). Please contact me by email (katie@katiejade.co.uk) with the title of the print, the size and quantity to make your order.

What does “Temptation” mean to me?

I’ve always loved fairytales and recently I have become ridiculously obsessed with the TV series Once Upon A Time. The series has reignited my love for Snow White and her story. For my photograph I wanted to focus on the importance of the apple. Will she, won’t she give in to the tempting, delicious apple that the Evil Queen gives her.  I love the bit in the Disney film when the poison drips from the apple forming an image of a skull before it turns bright, blood red to conceal the evil within. The Queen claims it is a wishing apple, knowing Snow’s love for the Prince, tempts her to make a wish to be with Charming before taking a bite. I’m also a sucker for a love story, so when the Prince wakes her from the sleeping curse by true love’s first kiss makes me go all silly and giggly! 

As a child I used to carry around little toys of the seven dwarves. I found it difficult to part with them, even to the point when we had a family photo shoot where I refused to let go of them so they were in the photographs too! My favourite dwarf is grumpy, what is yours?

I hope you like my “Temptation” photo! Tomorrow I will share my “Light” photograph with you..