Sweet Solitude

Louise at Carberry’s Cafe, located on Wensum Street in Norwich, kindly let myself and a creative team use her upstairs room for our latest fashion editorial. The idea behind the shoot was to incorporate Beth Poulter’s eye for mature styling with a rustic, characterful setting full of wooden textures. We used blush pink and pastel blue in the styling and make-up to bring the whole look together. 

We had a small dilemma on the day of the shoot. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the make-up artist booked in for the shoot was unable to make it. It was a shame that they could not make the shoot as it would have been lovely to work with them, but some times situations like this happen. Luckily Jessy stepped in to take care of the make-up and did a fantastic job. We were looking for a natural look with hints of pink on the eyes and lips. We asked the model to not brush her hair that day so it was messy and full of texture. 

Model Katie - represented by Crumb Agency - really brought the feel of the shoot to life. I directed her to look bored and uninterested, as though she was hanging around this room waiting for someone. I also like the people I photograph to look strong and to control the scene. I think she does this effortlessly by keeping the focus on her regardless of the composition. 

When composing the images, I really wanted to get a feel for the space. The room was full of round, wooden tables and chairs, which I wanted to be visible in every shot. It gives the impression of the room being crowded by objects whilst noting that Katie is in the room by herself. I tried to position an object in between myself and Katie to give the photos an interesting sense of depth. If an object was not in the foreground, I would ask Katie to point her legs or arms towards me. 

There were multiple objects in the room which I wanted Katie to interact with or use to add interest to the shot. Although the table and chairs help to get a feel for the cafe space, I didn’t want to overuse poses or compositions with them. I used different areas of the room and different set ups to tell more of a story and give further clues to the location. My favourite object was the wooden piano. I didn’t want to overuse this object so tried to make each pose and composition as varied as I could. We also discovered a Marshall amp in the corner of the room which we HAD to use. This is actually one of my favourite shots from the series.

I wanted to make the most of the floor to ceiling windows which was the main source of light for this photo shoot. Once Beth had styled Katie in the final outfit, I tried to take some backlit photos of Katie by the window. However the view out the window didn’t suit the rest of the shoot and I didn’t like the balance between the light and shadows. Instead, I asked Katie to lean against the window and turn to one side. I then stood inline with her, with the light falling on her from the left. These photos gave me serious chills. The light was so dreamy and romantic, Katie looked stunning and the reflection of her face in the window is so intriguing. Perfection! 

I feel so blessed that I get to meet and work with such lovely, talented people. I’m very grateful that Louise let us use her cafe for the backdrop for these photos. The location was perfect for the look of the shoot. I love it when a plan comes together!

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