Nikita and Tony: A Relaxed Intimate Wedding (In 20 Photos!)

A day full of love. A day full of laughter. A day full of expression. I’m rattling my brain trying to find the perfect words to describe Nikita and Tony’s wedding day, and I’m utterly struggling, except for these three words that keep coming to mind: love, laughter and expression. An intimate wedding with 27 guests, who were all incredibly welcoming to each other and myself, it felt like everyone had known each other for years even if they just met that day. This created an electric atmosphere with lots of opportunities to capture expressive photos full of love and laughter (using those three key words again! Hehe!).

Nikita and Tony got married at Hunters Hall, a working farm with a characterful barn to hold the ceremony and reception, along with a farm house where everyone got ready. I met Nikita with her bridesmaids and MOH. Nikita had just got in to her dress and was preparing for her Dad to come in to see his first reactions to his daughter in his dress - it was adorable! The love between Nikita and her Dad (Steve) was so beautiful. Throughout the day, he never strayed far from her side, was always there to make her laugh and the speech was.. well.. we’ll get to that in a little bit! ;) His reaction to seeing his daughter in her wedding dress was such a beautiful experience. He was crying. She was crying. They hugged and cried some more. Emma (the brilliant wedding co-ordinator at Hunter’s Hall) was ready with a box of tissues! One of the sweetest interactions happened at this moment when Maddison - Tony’s daughter - asked “Why are you both crying?” Steve responded, “We’re crying because we are both so happy.” Maddison waved her magic flower wand, smiled sweetly and announced like a fairy, “I wish away your tears so you may be happy!” She made our hearts melt!

Shortly after this, I made my way to ceremony room. Decorated with lanterns, flowers and shabby chic white chairs with satin white bows to match, the traditional barn room was the perfect setting for this relaxed wedding. Led in by her bridesmaids, Nikita and Steve walked down the aisle together. They were beaming as they entered the suite, winking at guests and looking at each other. Once Nikita saw Tony, she tried to hold in the happy tears as best as she could by biting her lip ever so slightly. Luckily she had her Dad holding her arm, cracking jokes and bringing back her glowing smile effortlessly. During the ceremony, everyone was smiling and some tissues came out of bags to catch tears. This wedding also marks a first for me in the nine years that I have been a wedding photographer. A guest (Emma-Jane) photo bombed the cermony! But it was an incredibly sweet photo bomb so we will let it slide - can you spot her in the photos below? <3

After the ceremony, we headed towards the gardens to take some chilled-out group photos and capture the confetti line. I had to work quickly to make sure we could get the most from the fading sunlight. Meanwhile, drinks were being prepared for the guests arrival into the reception. Heartily, the guests cheered when Emma announced the drinks were ready and promptly made their way back to the hall. From this moment, I focused on capturing expressive interactions between the party members as well as grabbing some shots of the newlyweds together. I also wanted to capture details of the tables and other decorations along with details of items belonging to the guests - I think these photos tell so much about the day. For example, high heels taken off and put to one side due to tired feet. Oh, and they had a Ferrero Rocher sculpture… I definitely had to take a photo of that (whilst desperately trying not to stuff my face!)! ;)

Dinner time! The guests enthusiastically made their way to their seats. Emma asked everyone to stand up, put their napkins in one hand and swing it around as she announced the entrance of the Bride and Groom. The hall came alive. For a small wedding party, their cheers were impressive! Hunters Hall provided a delicious buffet and a trio of desserts for each guest. Following the meal were the speeches. I can honestly say, hand on heart, the speeches from this wedding were some of my favourite ever. They were touching, funny and made everyone feel like they could be a part of it. Kicking off the speeches, was Steve. He delivered a compassionate and comedic speech referring to his daughter, Tony and some of the guests. He provided everyone with a folder full of embarrassing and sweet photos of Nikita accompanied by a touching narrative. Following Steve, best man Andy’s speech brought guests to tears as he shared his appreciation for being chosen as Tony’s best man, remembering loved ones and providing advice for the newly weds. Tony’s speech followed, with help from daughter Maddison. Full of love, he expressed his gratefulness for the support from family and friends, whilst sharing anecdotes and his unconditional love for Nikita. Rounding up the speeches, Nikita’s speech brought everyone to tears; gratefulness, admiration and love for all who were present were featured throughout. With so many thoughtful and passionate speeches, it was a joy to capture everyone’s reactions from beginning to end. 

After the speeches, it was time to unleash the epic balloon battles (which I joined in with in between each photo I took!), drink some teas and coffees and get ready for the first dance. It was an awesome day, full of truly special moments that are impossible to condense in to 20 photos (sitting here contemplating a part 2 for this blog post!), but alas here we are. There will be more photos from this wedding appearing across my website and on my social media (so keep them peepers peeled!). 

Thank you to Nikita and Tony for choosing me to be your wedding photographer (does happy dance). I am so honoured that you chose me to capture the magic of your day. I will keep the memories from this day close to my heart. Always.

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Alex and Binks: An Autumnal Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are meant to be fun, right? Well, Alex and Binks’ engagement session was an absolute blast! Alex sent me a Pinterest board with the sort of images they were after: chilled out, romantic and full of laughter, all set amongst woodland scenery (my fave!). We arranged to meet at Mousehold woods and wandered around the peaceful grounds, stopping every so often to grab some snaps. The couple were keen to take some silly photos, such as climbing trees, pulling faces and imitating memes, but also wanted some cuddly, cute photos too. It felt effortless to take these kind of photos of them as they are so comfortable around one another, loved making each other laugh and their affection was beautiful. I felt incredibly soppy when editing their photos because they are such a gorgeous, lovely couple. Check out some of my favourite shots below!

Adam and Aimee’s Theatrical Wedding (In 20 Photos!)

Imagine my excitement when Adam got in touch with me to say that his partner, Aimee, and him were planning a theatrical wedding at the beautiful and eccentric Puppet Theatre. I genuinely squealed with joy! The couple work as magicians and they wanted to reflect their gift for theatrics in throughout their day, whilst ensuring it was relaxing and chilled out too. He filled me in on all the juicy plans for the day and I could not wait for the day to roll around. Seeing their ideas come to life was like walking through the wardrobe and into a gothic version of Narnia. It was magical! I entered the building to discover the guests all dressed up in fantastical fancy dress costumes, which they all put a lot of time and effort in to. There were clowns, witches, voodoo doctors and even the zombie Chuckle Brothers made an appearance. It was awesome! Each guest carved a pumpkin, which was displayed throughout the day in the auditorium, and at the end of the evening they all took home someone else’s pumpkin - such a fun idea! The guests gathered in to the auditorium and took their seats in the raised pews. The costumes and the theatrical setting truly kick-started the dramatic (and fun!) mood of the day.

The regsitrar asked everyone to stand for the arrival of the bride. Aimee’s walk down the aisle was truly epic. She entered to the music of “In The Land Of Gods and Monsters” sung by Jessica Lange for American Horror Story. Aimee gracefully and slowly glided down the steps. By deliberately taking her time, it allowed her guests to watch her and admire her for longer. The lighting fell behind and in front of her, which made her entrance feel even more thrilling as she entered the room as a silhouette. Step by step, the light slowly poured on to her as though she was a movie star making a grand entrance. The auditorium was silent, but like a silence I had never heard before. It’s difficult to explain. It was as though their family and friends took in an inhale of breath from astonishment for how spellbinding her entrance was. It was so powerful. Honestly, I felt goosebumps across my arms for how stunning and breathtaking her entrance was. It was incomparable to anything I had ever seen before. There ceremony was filled with brilliant readings and quirky details, such as a coffin-shaped ring box. 

For their couples portraits, I whisked them away from their adoring friends and family to the Riverside Walk. Strolling along the pathway, we took relaxed photos along the river and under the willow trees. The autumnal setting was just as enchanting as the Puppet Theatre. The sun was low in the sky and painted a gorgeous, golden glow upon the scenery and the newlyweds. When we headed back to the puppet theatre, we spotted a little archway formed by branches, which we couldn’t resist to stop at and grab a few more shots! We arrived back at the venue to the sound of their guests clapping and cheering, eager to welcome the couple to the reception. 

Guests found several cosy spots in the venue to chill out and catch up with one another. However once the food had arrived, more and more guests were hanging out by the buffet area. Why? AIMEE AND ADAM ORDERED DOMINOS PIZZA FOR THEIR WEDDING BREAKFAST!! YAAAAAAAAASSS!! Everyone was eager to grab a slice (or two)! Aimee and Adam decided they would like their “Cake Cutting” picture to be taken in front of the Dominos boxes. Absolutely! These two are definitely my kind of people! Once Aimee and Adam called out “Pizza!”, the buffet table was flocked to by guests with enthusiastic smiles upon their faces - I mean, can you really blame them?! ;) Plates were stacked with pizza and yummy treats. Once guests had helped themselves, they went to explore the venue and find more cosy spots to hang out in. 

Adam’s speech was short and sweet, and certainly full of heart. His speech focused on the thank yous, commenting on how happy he was to be with Aimee as well as how amazing she is. Everyone cheered and clapped unanimously. Adam then asked his guests to follow him to the auditorium for their first dance, get the party started and dance the night away!  

It was soooo difficult to narrow down their wedding day into 20 images - but I somehow managed to do it! If you would like to see more of their wedding, click here to see the full gallery.