Easter Shoot

The overall look for the shoot was based around pastel colours because I was inspired by the innocence, sweetness and cute symbols of the celebration. I bought rabbit ears about a month before the shoot and desperately wanted to use them for something, so I got in touch with some amazing talents and put together and Easter themed shoot. Sabrina brought some wonderful clothes for Charlotte to wear, Carly did a wonderful job of five different make-up looks and Jen set up each scene so brilliantly. The plan was to go outside and shoot in the enchanting Mousehold Woods. However the heavens opened so we had to shoot indoors and put up my backdrop in the front room. I believe this was a blessing in disguise as the white backdrop helped towards the pastel look whereas a rich woodland might have taken away from the pastel colours. This video captures some really fun and interesting moments of what goes on behind the scenes! 

Photos coming soon!