20 Facts You May Not Know About Katie Jade

As I spend a lot of time behind the camera, I felt it would be a good idea to let you know a little bit more about me! I have put together 20 fun facts, throwing in both interesting and silly factoids, personal and professional. So, let’s get started!

1.     Why “Katie Jade”? My full name is Katie Jade Atkins but I decided to get rid of my surname and keep it as Katie Jade. The name “Jade” comes from my Grandma’s name “Jaye”. She is a huge inspiration to me. She’s so loving, patient and kind, and has always been very honest with me and my family. 

2.    I was about 7 when I started experimenting with photography. I used to put my toys in certain poses around the house and photograph them. I imagined they were pop stars and the photographs were going to be in magazines!

3.    I can sing! I love singing! I actually can’t stop myself when a song gets in to my head! I’ve been in a few bands. My first band was a Mis-teeq cover group… I was 10!!! It was great! My two best friends and I would get together and practice our dance routines and lyrics. My sister decided she would be our manager, I think that is due to the fact she enjoyed bossing us around! The group split up when we went to high school. Since then I have been in rock bands, but what I enjoy the most is singing to my family on birthdays and special occasions. 

4.    I am a dog person. Dogs make me go weird! I get so excited with how cute and fluffy they are! I had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when I was younger (unfortunately she died two years ago) who was, and always will be, my best friend. I’d love another dog in the future.

5.    I’m a model. I often step in front of the camera to model for fellow photographers. I’ve been modelling for about 7 years now. 

6.    I love art. I like to do colouring in, make pom poms, create room decorations, draw, paint…. I’m a creative type!

7.    I collect cuddlies. I started collecting cuddlies when I was young. My favourite is a dalmatian called Patch. I’ve had him for 18 years!

8.    I love dressing up. I will often wear rabbit ears just because I feel like it! I will always find an opportunity to wear fancy dress, something my partner encourages. We both wore capes when we went to the cinema to watch The Avengers: Age Of Ultron!  I think my passion for dressing up is why I offer a photo booth service to clients!

9.    I teach children photography. I work as a Photography Club Leader for Camera Kids Photography. I go to schools during the week to teach children between the ages of 7-11. They have photography projects to complete, as well as playing games, scavenger hunts and making interesting pieces with their photographs. Seeing their skills and knowledge develop and improve is so wonderful!

10.   I have a fear of clowns. When I was younger, my Grandma took me to a parade. A man dressed as a clown came over to me and screamed in my face which made me cry and panic. I hate circuses and I can’t even listen to the clown theme music without my skin crawling. Urgh! But, saying that, I love horror films and I will watch a film with a clown in because I enjoy the shock factor. Stephen King’s “It” destroyed me! I didn’t want to be by myself for about a week after watching it. 

11.   I take a lot of self portraits. I see myself as quite a chameleon, so this gives me the opportunity to put on a disguise and be someone else. I take self portraits to tell a story.

12.   My favourite word is “lozenge”. It makes me laugh! It’s such a strange sounding word! Loz-innnnnnnj! Hilarious! 

13.   Tim Burton is my favourite director. I love how he looks at darkness in a light hearted, quirky way. His work is so unique and so beautiful. Sweeney Todd is my favourite film.

14.   I see myself as a balanced person. I’m a balance of light and dark. On one side, I love horror, darkness, skulls, ghosts, vampires, cobwebs, moonlight, graveyards etc. And on the other side, I love animals, flowers, girly dresses, butterflies, fairies, dancing, disney princess films, romance etc. I think this can be seen in my photography work as I will some times take dark, haunting images or I will take light, romantic images. 

15.   70s. I love the 70s. I strongly believe I was born in the wrong decade. The fashion, the music, everything! I wish I was alive when Marc Bolan was. I would give anything to see him perform. He was such a fascinating person. I wish I was able to photograph him. 

16.   My favourite photographer is Tim Walker. Tim Walker is a fashion photographer who uses storytelling as a main feature. His work is incredible! 

17.   I’m obsessed with Yankee Candles. If I’m in a city centre and I have some time to myself, I will go find a shop that sells Yankee Candles, go through sniffing each candle. I have a really strong sense of smell, so smelling something really delicious is such a buzz for me.

18.   I would be happy if I only ate Eton Mess. I’ve got a sweet tooth. Eton Mess is sooooo sweet! Prezzos used to do an Eton Mess cheesecake which was out of this world. It breaks my heart that they don’t do it anymore.

19.   My perfect day out would be going to a zoo. I love animals, so spending a day surrounded by them makes me ecstatic. I shout “zoooooooooooo!” a lot because I get so excited. 

20.  I want to go to Finland at some point. The scenery is so exhilarating, refreshing and stimulating. I’ve wanted to go since I was 13. I follow Finnishseasons on Instagram, which makes my heart long even more to go to Finland. 

I hope you found my list of 20 things you may not know about me interesting. Here’s a bonus fact for you: I love writing lists. This blog post has been so satisfying to write! 

Katie Jade And Charlie Long Are Teaming Up!

I loved working with Charlotte on our shoot Queen Of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Since the shoot we have have been in touch almost twice a week, discussing our love for our professions and the work we have created together. We both agreed we would like to work with each other again, and as much as possible. So, we have come up with two exciting packages for our clients.

The first is a makeover and photo shoot package perfect for a ladies night or a hen do. A very glamorous soirée! For just £70 per head, you and your friends will receive a gorgeous makeover by Charlie and I will take behind the scenes photos of you all getting ready as well as taking fun posed photographs. So get the girls together and have a fun makeover night in!  

The package is for model portfolios. We’ve created a £40 package which offers guidance from start to finish. We will make a mood board as a visual pre-shoot guide. During the shoot we will give advice about the industry, with a wealth of knowledge I am a published photographer for over 5 years now and Charlotte Long has been a fully qualified MUA throughout Norfolk and Suffolk for 8 years. After the photo shoot, clients will receive high resolution images perfect for internet and print portfolios. A fantastic package for only £40!

If you are interested in either of these packages get in touch:


Retouching Photos

I really love retouching photos. I find it quite therapeutic experimenting with curves and other adjustments. I decided to put together a blog full of before and after portraits to show the changes I make to each photograph.

The first thing I do is stare at an image. Evaluating it, working out what I like and don’t like. If there is something I don’t like I will remove it, whether it is in the background distracting me from the model or something on the model which is taking my attention. Then I will look at the skin remove spots and fly away strands of hair or make eyes look less tired. I don’t like to edit skin too much because I don’t want it to look like plastic. Natural skin texture makes an image look far more realistic and relatable.

After this I will look at the make-up, hair and clothes. Some times the make-up might look cracked or has come off slightly. To solve this problem I will colour it back in but bring down the opacity so it is not too obvious. Light might make hair look paler or darker so I will colour in the hair, just like I do with the make-up, to even it out. I do the same for clothes. By doing these slight adjustments, I make the colours bolder and it tidies up the model’s appearance.

The next stage is always different. I will (mostly) use curves, selective colour, gradient map, gradients and solid colour (some times others) to edit colours. Depending on the style of the shoot I will either do little to the colours or I will make them much bolder. I have a weakness for using blue, especially bringing it out through the darker colours. I’m not too sure why I like using blue so much. It’s not a favourite colour of mine. My favourite colour is red but I don’t think it is a good idea to make everyone look like demons! Blue is a versatile colour. Blue can either look serene and subtle or it can look strong and masculine. 

I won’t use blue if I don’t think it is necessary. For instance, if there is a lot of one colour and there is to much of a contrast with another, I will either tone the main colour down or change the other to suit it more. I enjoy bringing out colours that are already in the photograph. By making the colours pop, the whole photo pops! Sometimes I like to add colours which aren’t in the photograph. I call these fun edits! I do this simply to create something fresh and unique. 

Colours can dramatically change the feel of an image. I used dark, heavy colours for my Halloween shoot to give it a creepy feel. Lighter colours would not have worked for this shoot. For the photograph of my boyfriend I didn’t want to edit it too much. I wanted to edit it how I see him. Focusing on his bright blue eyes and keeping the colours neutral, but adjusting them ever so slightly so they feel brighter and happier (with a little injection of blue!).

The last thing I do is use dodge and burn just to bring out highlights and darken shadows. I believe this is essential to making a photo look 10x more impressive. It makes the photo look dramatic as well as giving focus to the highlights and pulling in the shadows. I love using dodge and burn to finish my retouching. I will then go through each layer turning on and off the visibility to see how that layer affects the image. If I think a layer doesn’t work so well I will look at changing the opacity, remove it or add another layer of curves or whatever I think would improve it.

Like what you have seen? Do you want to make your photos pop? I am now offering a retouching service of £3 per photo, £10.00 for five photos. 

Get in touch: kjaphotography@hotmail.com