Today is the start of the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge. The theme “Changes” runs till the 9th August. 

So, what does “Changes” mean to you? Has there been a big change in your life? Have you noticed a change in your environment? Has there been a big change in the news which means a lot to you? These are a few questions to get you started, and hopefully inspired to start taking photos.

Share your “Changes” photographs with me by uploading them to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #KatieJadePhotoChallenge. I can’t wait to see your photos! 

At the end of August I will be giving away a £20 voucher to the overall winner of the challenge. GOOD LUCK!! 

Katie Jade’s Photography Challenge!

I challenge you to take one photo each week of August, and for each week I have selected a theme as a starting point. You can take the photos on any device, such as a phone, tablet, DSLR or standard compact camera. The concept behind this challenge is to get you to consider your subject creatively to bring your photography to life!

The themes:

3rd August - 9th August “Changes”

10th August - 16th August “Character”

17th August - 23rd August “Temptation”

24th August - 30th August “Light”

31st August “In To The Future”

How to choose a subject …

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word or phrase?  Look at the word or phrase and work out what it means. You could play word association (one person says a word, the next person will say a word which they associate with it. E.G. “Animal”, “Dog”) with a friend or family member to discover what they can come up with. These suggestions should inspire you to decide what your subject will be. Then you should work out how you want to photograph your subject (from above, macro lens, etc). Now you may need to collect items you will need to take the photograph (outfits, fabric for a backdrop, subject, etc), you may find the suitable equipment round your house or garden. 


Once you’ve have taken your photo, it is up to you whether you choose to edit it. At the end of August you will have taken five amazing concept driven photographs! 

You can share your brilliant photos with me by uploading them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag 


I won’t be able to find them without the hashtag!

I will be taking photos each week too and I will share with you what I have taken at the end as well as explaining how I worked with the theme. 

Links to my…

Facebook Page: Katie Jade Photography 

Twitter: @_KatieJade_

Instagram: oxKatieJadexo


Michelle got in touch with me as she wanted some nice, pretty photos of herself. She wanted to update her current images of herself as she hadn’t had any taken recently. I love portrait sessions so I was eager to help out! My dear partner in crime, Charlie Long, was instantly contacted to do the make-up for Michelle. 

So Charlie was the first to arrive. Shortly followed by Michelle and her partner Jamie. As Charlie set up her make-up, I provided everyone with a drink, and we had a nice chat, getting to know one another. There was such a lovely, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We went for a plum smokey eye and nude lip for Michelle. Charlie knew that the plum shades would suit Michelle’s skin tone as well as compliment the outfits she brought with her. 

Michelle brought five outfits; black trousers and a white top, black floral dress, a white dress, a white floral dress and a mint green dress with lace detailing. It was quite funny as she got out each outfit, Charlie and I admired it and asked where she got it from, to which Michelle would reply “New Look!”. The photo shoot was a look book for New Look! Michelle looked so beautiful in each outfit. 

During the shoot I directed Michelle so that she would feel comfortable in front of the camera. From a simple standing or sitting pose, I would ask her to move in a natural way between each pose so her photographs would come across as relaxed and carefree. 

Here are some photos from Michelle’s shoot:

After the photo shoot I received a message from Michelle saying: “Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for today I felt amazing and can’t wait to see the finished pics.” This really touched me! I’m so glad that Charlie and I can provide a service which makes someone feel amazing and excited about seeing the finished product. Thank you Michelle for getting in touch with me. Charlie and I both had a brilliant time with you. 

Would you like to do a makeover photo shoot? Charlie and I have teamed up to offer you an AMAZING makeover photo shoot package! For just £115, you can have a photo shoot in a Norwich studio, gorgeous makeover by Charlie, the choice of 3 outfits, advice about the industry and refreshments are provided. Not only that but before your shoot we will send you a mood board filled with inspiration for make-up looks, styling ideas and an overall feel for your shoot. During the shoot we always make sure the atmosphere is friendly and fun, both Charlie and I are really easy to talk to. After the shoot your photographs will be retouched, and you will receive 6 high resolution images from your glamorous day with us.