Changes - #KatieJadePhotoChallenge

All this week I will be sharing the images I took as part of the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge. I’m so excited about sharing them with you! 

Recently, I found a photo book from a project I did when I was 18 called my “Dream Book”. In it were images that were inspired by my dreams and nightmares. I’m very proud of this book, yet as I looked through it I felt my heart ache. I was frustrated, even though I am proud of my current photography, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. For weeks deep down I felt creatively lost, but this book was my map to salvation and with it I created the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge. I wanted the opportunity to unleash my creative juices and really push myself. But I wanted it to be bigger and better than anything I have ever done before. I wanted to make it monumental by getting others to join in with me by pushing their creativity to the limits as well. So that is why I asked you to join me, and I am so thankful that you did. 

The photographs I took for the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge will be available for you to buy1.00 for a postcard sized print or £6.00 for a 8”x10” print + P&P). Please contact me by email ( with the title of the print, the size and quantity to make your order.

What does “Changes” mean to me?

For me, changes was a leap of faith I took about a year ago. I was so unhappy for a very long time and I felt completely stuck in my situation. However, my darling friend of 10 years stood by me, and gave me a chance for happiness. I was scared and I didn’t know what to do, but I trusted him completely as only he could bring back my smile. Now we are together and very happy. I’m so proud of myself for making that change as I believe I am meant to be with Aaron. My photo for “Changes” is based on one of our routines. When we make breakfast in the morning, we like to do it together. One of us will do one job and the other another, in our dressing gowns and drinking from our matching mugs. This is so special to me. 

Tomorrow I will share my “Character” photo with you….

And The Winner Is……

I’ve spent this morning counting up your votes for the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge finalists, and I must say, the scores are very close! 

First, here is a reminder of the finalists..

1. Julie Atkins - Changes

2. Lucy Atkins - Character

3. Claire Trafford - Temptation

4. Max Rudd - Light

5. Annalise Taylor - In To The Future

So… without further ado…….

*Drum Roll, Please*

In 5th Position..

Annalise Taylor - In To The Future

In 4th Position..

Max Rudd - Light

In 3rd Position..

Lucy Atkins - Character

In 2nd Position..

Claire Trafford - Temptation

And in 1st Position….. the winner is…

Julie Atkins - Changes

Congratulations, Julie! The public chose your photo as the winning image for the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge! A fantastic image! You win a £20 photo voucher to spend on any of my photographic services. Congratulations to the finalists too! You should be really proud of the photographs you have taken. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the photography challenge and to those who voted for their favourite photograph to win. 

Help Me Choose A Winner!!

The photographs you shared with me for the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge were fantastic! I’m so proud of everyone of you who took part. Each photograph was unique and thought provoking, which shows you all really thought about the themes very creatively. 

Here is a selection of photographs that were entered during the competition:

Changes - I saw a lot of personal changes, whether it would be about a person and their body or outlook, changes in their environment or steps people are taking to make changes. It was a beautiful collection to start the challenge! 

Character - This theme was taken in two directions. The first was a human characteristic or fictional character. The second was a characteristic of furniture and architecture. There was a really nice mix of the two.

Temptation - This theme was a lot of fun. A lot of people looked at giving in to food or buying something they wanted. Others looked at the negativity of temptation, reflecting weaknesses in humans. The difference in the type of imagery was quite dramatic!

Light - I really liked seeing the photos for this week. Light could take on so many forms, the images I saw were so varied. There was some of different types of lighting (bulbs, fairylights, etc). Some people looked at how light can transform natural surroundings. Others looked at the word “light” and what it meant to them. Another week of fantastic photography!

In To The Future - This was a tricky theme, I admit, but I really wanted to get you thinking creatively… and you did! It was nice to see a lot of you thinking about your own future and where you would like to see yourself. There was a lot of positive imagery which was a fantastic way to end the challenge.

So… who won? Well that’s the thing, I have found it so difficult to decide on a winner. I looked through and pulled out my favourite photo from each week, and I thought to myself “Everyone has spent so much time and effort to take part in this challenge, so why don’t I make the choosing of the winner even more exciting, fantastic and nail-biting… hmmm”… So that is what I have done. 

You can choose the winner for the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge by writing down the number of your favourite image in the comments. You can vote either on here or follow the links:




Voting closes at 23:59pm on the 9th September 2015.