“It’s a perfect night for mystery and horror. The air itself is filled with monsters.”

I love Halloween! Every year I get ridiculously excited, decorate my home, get dressed up and fill the evening with spooky activities. Each year I do a Halloween photo shoot with a creative team. Unfortunately, this year I didn’t have the opportunity to work with a creative team due to unforeseen circumstances. Dang! But, being me, always eager to throw myself into work and creativity, I decided to go ahead with the shoot but do it as a self portrait series. However, I don’t have red hair like Elsa Lanchester (original Bride Of Frankenstein). Instead I have long blonde hair. Then I had a thought, why not create an alternate character? From this thought the Reverse Bride Of Frankenstein was born. I’m very confident with doing hair and make-up, so the look wasn’t too tough for me, but it’s always nice to try something different. It took an hour an a half with cimpers, 2 hair donuts, 52 pins and a lot of hair spray to create the shock hair style! Then an extra 40 minutes to do the dramatic make-up. Voila! Reverse Bride of Frankenstein was born! She’s alive! 

Enjoy the photos! 

Glam Rock

I have been desperate to do a Glam Rock inspired fashion shoot for aaaages! Marc Bolan was my main source of inspiration for this shoot. I find his character fascinating, his drive unique, someone who I truly admire. I could ramble on about him forever, so I’ll stop there! I got in touch with Sandra Reynolds Model Agency enquiring after a suitable model. They sent back a selection of model cards who I thought were very suitable for the shoot, however one stood out more than the others. Melissa was perfect for the shoot. She looked like she had just walked out of the 70s with her long, red, wavy hair. I couldn’t wait to photograph her after seeing her card! I got in touch with make-up artist Naomi Edwards who was very keen and excited to be a part of the shoot. Fellow photographer and friend Rekha Garton donated some of her clothes for the photo shoot. When I told Rekha about the shoot, she was as excited as I and started pulling out all sorts of clothes from her cupboards and boxes saying “Is this suitable?” “What about this?” “And this?”. 

The team met up in Tombland on a cold Monday morning. Melissa’s mum, Wendy came to the photo shoot too. It was lovely to talk to them both and find out their story, and to see how giving and supportive Wendy is for her daughter’s aspirations. We set up a base in the Cathedral grounds. Several people stopped and took a moment to look at Naomi doing Melissa’s make-up! Naomi did a phenomenal job of the make-up. She ensured Melissa’s complexion was flawless, the shape of the glitter was neat and symmetrical, and the colours were exactly what we were after. She also backcombed her hair to give it the large 70s shape. Thank you Naomi for creating such a fantastic look for the shoot!

It was much colder than it had been in weeks. I felt so sorry for Melissa as I didn’t want her to get cold, I ensured she put her coat on as often as possible between shots so she could warm up. When taking the photos, we ventured out of the Cathedral grounds towards Anglia Square where we stopped outside the record shop and in a quiet location where I could take more full length shots. I’m a bit of a sucker for head shots, I just love how you can tell a story about someone through their facial features alone. I made sure I took long, mid and close up shots to give the series variety, and tell the story through different compositions. 

Here are the photographs from the shoot…

Lucy and Ryan’s Wedding

Lucy and Ryan’s wedding was very intimate and romantic, with no reception because they were whisked off on their honeymoon straight after the ceremony! So fantastic! I met up with the couple before the ceremony so I could get to know them better before the big day. Lucy confessed to me that she was very nervous about having people watching her. I reassured her not to worry about it, when she’s there she’ll forget all about her worries and focus on how wonderful she feels to marry the man she loves.  

On the day Lucy arrived in a gorgeous cream limo with her three bridesmaids and eldest child. She looked so beautiful and her bridesmaids were wearing a brilliant shade of pink. The pop of colour looked amazing! Ryan was eagerly waiting to see his bride in the ceremony room. As soon as the bridesmaids entered the room you could feel a buzz of excitement from everyone. The ceremony was lovely and sentimental, made up of personal touches and romance. The room was full of smiling faces! 

It was such a beautiful day and I hope Lucy and Ryan have a very happy future together.

Wedding packages start at £190.. get in touch! ;)