Lucy and Ryan’s Wedding

Lucy and Ryan’s wedding was very intimate and romantic, with no reception because they were whisked off on their honeymoon straight after the ceremony! So fantastic! I met up with the couple before the ceremony so I could get to know them better before the big day. Lucy confessed to me that she was very nervous about having people watching her. I reassured her not to worry about it, when she’s there she’ll forget all about her worries and focus on how wonderful she feels to marry the man she loves.  

On the day Lucy arrived in a gorgeous cream limo with her three bridesmaids and eldest child. She looked so beautiful and her bridesmaids were wearing a brilliant shade of pink. The pop of colour looked amazing! Ryan was eagerly waiting to see his bride in the ceremony room. As soon as the bridesmaids entered the room you could feel a buzz of excitement from everyone. The ceremony was lovely and sentimental, made up of personal touches and romance. The room was full of smiling faces! 

It was such a beautiful day and I hope Lucy and Ryan have a very happy future together.

Wedding packages start at £190.. get in touch! ;) 

Halloween Photo Shoot

It is 47 days till Halloween and I am ridiculously excited! As a lover of all things spooky, I like to do a Halloween shoot every year. I’m looking for a team of a make-up artist, hair stylist, stylist and female model to take part in this year’s Halloween shoot. If you’re interested, either send me an email or contact me via Facebook. It’s going to be electric! 

Last year I teamed up with the gorgeous singer and model Maya Clarke and exceptionally talented make-up artist Sophie Hichisson. I was inspired by the Mother of Parker Crane from Insidious 2, because even though she was terrifying, she was beautiful too. Maya was transformed into an evil ghost roaming the old and lonely cemetery. From this simple concept we were able to create a spooky fashion spread as well as a moving image to tell the tale of the ghost. 

For more photos from this shoot follow the link:

Rosary Revenant

Here are a few photos from previous Halloween photo shoots. 

In To The Future - #KatieJadePhotoChallenge

All this week I have been sharing the images I took as part of the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge. Today is the last day for me to share my work. In conclusion I will leave you with my In To The Future photograph.

The photographs I took for the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge will be available for you to buy (£1.00 for a postcard sized print or £6.00 for a 8”x10” print + P&P). Please contact me by email ( with the title of the print, the size and quantity to make your order.

What does “Into The Future” mean to me?

I strongly believe in ghosts. I know it’s a controversial topic, a lot of people don’t believe and won’t believe until they are presented with compelling evidence, or seen one themselves. About three years ago, I started watching the TV show Ghost Adventures, mostly out of curiosity. I was shocked to find the startling amount of exciting evidence which I found hard to disprove. If you haven’t seen this program, I absolutely recommend that you watch it! I feel excited we have such wonderful technology that can capture ghosts efficiently, from shadow figures and apparitions to EVPs. My “In To The Future” photograph is based on my hope that more people will believe in ghosts, and we will have even more amazing technology to be able to contact them. The figure is of a ghost longing to be heard and seen. 

I hope you liked the images I took for the #KatieJadePhotoChallenge. Have a beautiful weekend!