Barbara & Jaison’s Wedding

Barbara and Jaison wanted to have a private wedding, with just a few witnesses and no photographer. However they did want formal photographs of themselves after the wedding, so that is where I came in! I met the couple at Plantation Gardens shortly after the ceremony to take their formal photographs. They told me all about the ceremony and how special it was to them. They were beaming! Glowing, in fact! It was such a pleasure to talk to and photograph them. Their love for one another was perfection. It radiated out of them, buzzing, every frame was magical, like I had just walked into a fairy tale. Together they had such a wonderful aura. It was captivating. Passersby stopped to chat and congratulate them. The time I spent with them was delightful. I felt honoured to be their photographer. I went home with a smile on my face.

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Minus The Issue

Josh Elder, lead singer of Minus The Issue, got in touch with me to take photos of his band. I was super duper excited because taking photos of musicians was where I started out, so for me it was quite nostalgic work. The band were after fun photos of them messing about and wearing onesies. I knew from the very start it was going to be a laugh.

I met up with the guys at Anglia Square. As they approached me in their onesies they reminded me of Bloodhound Gang’s music video for The Bad Touch! They were very laid back about what they wanted, so they simply went with it and came up with hilarious and cool poses on the spot. It was good fun following them around as they were so full of energy. Every photo captures their vibrant personalities!

I’d really recommend checking out Minus The Issue! Go! Go! Go! They are such a lovely bunch of guys. I loved chatting with each of them and seeing how they are truly passionate about their music. 


Vocals - Josh Elder

Lead Guitar - Finn Fosdal 

Rhythm Guitar - Marc Roberts 

Bass - Karl Brooks 

Drums - Ethan Aldis

“It’s a perfect night for mystery and horror. The air itself is filled with monsters.”

I love Halloween! Every year I get ridiculously excited, decorate my home, get dressed up and fill the evening with spooky activities. Each year I do a Halloween photo shoot with a creative team. Unfortunately, this year I didn’t have the opportunity to work with a creative team due to unforeseen circumstances. Dang! But, being me, always eager to throw myself into work and creativity, I decided to go ahead with the shoot but do it as a self portrait series. However, I don’t have red hair like Elsa Lanchester (original Bride Of Frankenstein). Instead I have long blonde hair. Then I had a thought, why not create an alternate character? From this thought the Reverse Bride Of Frankenstein was born. I’m very confident with doing hair and make-up, so the look wasn’t too tough for me, but it’s always nice to try something different. It took an hour an a half with cimpers, 2 hair donuts, 52 pins and a lot of hair spray to create the shock hair style! Then an extra 40 minutes to do the dramatic make-up. Voila! Reverse Bride of Frankenstein was born! She’s alive! 

Enjoy the photos!