Restoring Old Photographs

Photographs are important to me. I’ve always loved flicking through old family photo albums and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. I also love looking at the albums from before I was born, spotting family members in their younger years and discovering fun facts like finding out my dad used to have a perm (and he rocked it!)!! Over the last eight years, my mum has been backing up old family photos on to hard drives for us all to have and enjoy. I often find myself opening up the photos and having a look through. Some of the files are scans of crumpled-up, very much loved photos of grandparents with their friends and relatives, which my mum has asked me to restore. I happily agreed to retouch them as I know how much these photos mean to me and my family. 

I have spent many years experimenting and working with Photoshop so I could use some of the techniques I’ve learnt to remove scratches, dust and colour correct the photographs. I loved editing the photos as it made me feel all warm inside by seeing how sweet my grandparents were (and still are!) and being able to restore the photos to how they should look felt really rewarding. Photos are important. I believe they should be cherished and looked after. By restoring old photos, I can make the photos pop again and give them a new life. I found out my Grandad has been carrying around one of the photos I recently restored and showing it off to people, which is really sweet to hear. It’s amazing how much a photo of something or someone can mean to one person. 

I’ve loved working on these restoration projects and deeply understand the importance of how special the memories are behind a photograph. That is why I’m offering my restoration services to you :) 
If you have any old images of loved ones which you think could be given a little TLC, get in touch! I would love to help restore your photographs and give you images that make you beam from ear to ear. 

Rosie and Dan: A Romantic, Rural Portrait Session

To say it has been an unexpected year would be an understatement. However, Rosie and Dan weren’t going to let covid get in the way of their special day. Planning a celebration with their larger guest list for next year, they decided to have an intimate wedding with close friends and family at All Saints Church in Ashwellthorpe, located deep inside dreamy, rural Norfolk countryside. I met them as they left the church as newlyweds, smiling lovingly at each other as I cheered and whooped! Their guests left the church through a side door and got in to position for a confetti line. 

Shortly after this, I swept the couple away for a portrait session amongst a wooded area with a lake behind the church. It was so pretty and we were spoilt for locations to shoot at. We then wandered further away from the church and stumbled on a hilly field, perfect for some romantic shots. The open space was perfect for highlighting their gorgeous wedding clothes. Rosie’s awesome bargain hunting skills allowed her to find her dream dress for just £40 off Ebay! The feathered cape was from a brand called Biba. Dan’s suit came from a brand called Cavani. He purchased his shirt from Primark, while his tie and pocket square came from Ebay as well. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous the flowers from Florence and Flowers are! I am so in love them! The colours popped so nicely against the white gown and feathers. 

After strolling back to the front of the church, Rosie and Dan mentioned a nearby wildflower field, where they would like to take some more photos. If you have been following me for a while, you may be aware that I adore photos taken amongst flowers: so I excitedly agreed to follow them there. The field was full of of a wide variety of flowers, with bumble bees and butterflies swarming to it like children to an ice cream van. It was beautiful. I took photos of them in several spots across the field as well as some individual shots to pick out the details in their clothes. 

Prior to the day, Rosie and Dan had excitedly told me they have props for the photo shoot: a parasol, a cane and a feathered fan. Once I had taken Dan’s individual photos, he sprinted towards the car to grab the props. First of all we took some photos with the parasol. I really liked the way the lace created a shadowy pattern across the couple, whilst also not blocking out any of the sunlight. Rosie described a photo she saw of a couple standing side by side, with the woman facing away with the fan behind their back. We decided to recreate this shot as well as putting our own spin on it. 

I had such a lovely afternoon taking photos with these two. They are so full of love and creativity that it excites me to photograph them. I can’t wait for their celebration next year, as I know it will be INCREDIBLE! <3

You, Me And Earth: Product Photography

You, Me And Earth is an eco-friendly company, who embraces nature and are driven by creating sustainable products for their customers. When Emily got in touch with me to photograph her grass straws, I was over the moon. I loved hearing about her story and how dedicated she is about creating sustainable, plastic free and low waste products to help protect our oceans and wildlife. I’m also passionate about helping our oceans through environmentally-friendly products, so I was very eager to work with her, tell her story and ambition through my photography. 

Emily was looking for her straws to be photographed amongst nature as well as being used in a lifestyle setting. I started searching for various locations that would suit the look and textures of the straws and packaging. I took several photos of the straws and box amongst different natural backdrops. We also discussed the concept of the straws being used in a bar set up and with a model surrounded by nature. I knew that Chloe would be perfect for these photos as she is also passionate about protecting our oceans and is a wonderful person and a fantastic model to shoot with. She radiates positivity and I think this shows in the images. We took the photos in the late afternoon sun, which created a lovely glow and beautiful bokeh through the trees (so dreamy!).

For the bar set up, I used a dark wood dresser that lives in my kitchen. I love the texture of the dresser and thought it would be perfect for this photo series. I set up the dresser in multiple ways, using various props to keep the photos interesting. When I took the photos of Chloe, I also used my Fuji camera so I could use the film prints as props for the bar set up. This helped to build a connection with the portraits of Chloe, as though the series tells a story of a girl making a drink, going to sit outside and enjoy the beverage with her grass straw.