I met up with Arleya on an overcast Thursday afternoon. Perfect weather for soft lighting. However the skies looked threatening but we were lucky to not get caught in any rain. Phew! We met by the Mischief pub and wandered from there to our first location. On the way we were discussing how we’d like to the shoot to look. I expressed how I really love the main figure in my photos to look strong and fierce. Arleya very sweetly replied “Okay I’ll try”. Arleya was phenomenal, posing effortlessly and often in very strange ways to make really interesting and unique photos. 

We wanted to focus on geometric elements within the shoot. I was looking for lines, repetition and triangles to make the composition look cool. Monochrome was the word for the day, using only black and white in the styling and dramatic deep red lips for a pop of colour. My favourite colour! And certainly my favourite colour combination. 

I walk passed the building we used for the first location almost every day and I’ve been itching to use it as a back drop for a shoot. It felt exciting being able to use it, as every time I see it I imagine new ways of incorporating it into photos. It was better than I thought it could be! I made sure to use the stairs, the texture of the walls and repetition of the wooden elements. I am so grateful that Arleya was so eager and creative with using the space too. It gave the building character, she didn’t overshadow it nor the building her. In fact they worked together, like it was a place she was familiar with. 

We then moved on to our next location. It was really nice chatting with Arleya and discovering she is training to be a tattoo artist, as well as having other passions, she is certainly ambitious and hardworking. I really admire her. We got to the next location and Arleya got changed into the second outfit. She brought a bag full of black and white clothing so we could see what worked the best. We couldn’t stop cracking up at the first option we went for. There was too much bagginess going on and matching it with the trainers was a bizarre choice. It must have been strange for anyone overhearing immense laughter coming from the ladies toilets! We decided to rethink the outfit and go for a black crop top, white trousers and black boots. Arleya looked awesome! 

We found a floor to ceiling tiled window which was perfect for the geometric look. The light coming in was still really soft, but added a bit more contrast to throw in to the mix. I grabbed my prism to create a bit of distortion. Admittedly I was looking for clean lines throughout the shoot, but I really wanted to bring a little more depth into the shot. The rainbow light was gorgeous and made the photos feel softer and more feminine. 

Going up to the top of the building was great as there was a lot of industrial elements which created lead in lines continuing the look of the shoot. The area featured white and grey, perfectly complimenting the monochrome styling. We tried several different poses and compositions to make sure we made the most of the location.

It was a really great photo shoot to be a part of. I am now feeling very excited for upcoming projects. I feel refreshed and like I have a direction of where I’d like to continue taking my work. Since this shoot, I went to see the film Atomic Blonde. It was a good film, although there are certainly sequences I would cut out as it started to feel slow and unconnected to the rest of the film. What I loved about it was the fantastic compositions, colouring and styling. The film certainly looked stylish and I went away feeling really inspired. I have lots of exciting ideas for future projects. Please get in touch if you would like to be a part of the fun! 

Published Work in Untitled Collective

YAY! My 70s themed photo shoot was published in Untitled Collective Magazine! I worked with an amazing team on this photo shoot. They were bloody awesome! THANK YOU!

Links to the creative team:

Model: Kirsty Harris 

Make-Up Artist: Beth Atkins 

Stylist: Sophie Chittock 

The photo shoot was inspired by 70s imagery, focusing around warm tones and lots of interesting textures. I chose The X Bells as the backdrop to our photo shoot as it had a really chilled out, homely feel to it. A lot of the details and textures at the location matched the look we were going for as well. Perfection! Kirsty is the 70s bohemian queen! She moved effortlessly in front of the camera, pulling you in shot after shot. Beth captured the gorgeous 70 look perfectly with warm tones which really suited Kirsty. It was magic seeing Sophie’s styling incorporated with all the other elements of the shoot. Everything worked so well together. 

On the day of the shoot, I wanted to incorporate the use of interesting textures, space and geometric patterned elements into the compositions. I would place something close to the lens to give a feeling of depth or grounding the image. I used space and patterns to ensure there is some interest in the foreground or background, but that the attention was still on Kirsty. I edited the photos using golden warm tones throughout, really enhancing the 70s vibe. 

The title New Day Woman comes from a Suzi Quatro song. Suzi Quatro was (and still is!) my idol as I was growing up. Suzi’s personality is a wonderful combination of strength and femininity, something unique and refreshing. I believe these photos represent just that. 

Head over to Untitled Collective to see the feature:


Or to flick through the magazine (issue 4):


The American Road Trip

During June I went on a two week adventure to America with my wonderful partner Aaron. We started off in Tucson, then travelled to Sedona, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, LA and San Francisco. My Dad came with us at the beginning of the trip but we parted ways at Las Vegas so he could visit my sister in Phoenix. We spent some of the journey with family and friends too, which made it a really special experience. My favourite place to visit was definitely LA, with San Francisco being a close second favourite. LA was full of quirks, and each area was completely new and different. I thought I would share some of my favourite photos from the trip, because of course I just HAD to take my camera with me! Enjoy!