One Location. Three Shoots

Sometimes clients will say they want to shoot at a certain location or the perfect location will come to my mind when they tell me what they have in mind for shooting. Norwich is a picturesque city with several iconic buildings and streets, but there is a danger of overusing the same locations for photo shoots. Often a location I have previously shot at will be used again for a later shoot with different clients. I don’t want to give out photos that are clones of previous shots I have taken. Instead I try to use the location differently each time. 

An example of this is when I shot with Beth, Lucy and Emelia (roughly just over a month between each shoot) in the Cathedral Cloisters. Both Beth and Lucy suggested this location for their shoots and I recommended it to Emelia as it was raining on the day we were shooting so we could be sheltered and the backdrop would look really pretty too. Coincidentally, Beth and Lucy had dresses by Caris Closet which they wanted pictures for their blogs, whilst Lucy and Emelia’s outfits were bright red. 

Each person has their own style and personality which I wanted to capture in each photo. I wanted to avoid using the columns and corridors of the cloisters in the same way each time, so I made sure I took the photos using different angles and different sections of the cloisters. However the Cathedral’s architecture is very iconic, and I’m sure a good number of people would recognise it instantly, therefore it is easy for the photos to feel like they are all part of one set rather than three different shoots. I also love placing my subject at the centre of the image, so you can spot this trademark move in most of my photos! I love chatting away to the people I meet and photograph, it helps me to take more honest images of them. I hope that you can get a feel for each of their personalities by looking at their photos below. 




I edit my photos in a similar way each time to reflect my own personal style and tastes. I will always add a bit more contrast to the photos, bring down the black tones and pop the red (warmer) tones and deepen the blue tones in each image.. and voila! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts… which photos were your favourite, whether you feel stuck taking photos at the same locations, or any questions you may have for me about photography or about life in general!! Send your questions my way!