New Magazine Feature

I feel such an empowering feeling of accomplishment when I see my pictures featured somewhere. I am over the moon that I am able to work with such wonderful creatives on really fun projects. When it all comes together and I see the pictures featured in magazines or online webtorials, I’m so immensely proud of what everyone has put into the project. I worked with some ultra cool people for my most recent feature “Colour Cafe” starring the gorgeous Amy Beven. I teamed up with Rebecca Morello who created a dramatic yet elegant make-up look and Olivia Kali who put together wonderful vibrant outfits, with fab textures and detailing. 

For this series we shot it at North, a lovely cafe that the owner Ella generously let us use for the shoot. The overall look of the shoot was inspired by the use of bright colours matched with darker colours. North was perfect, filled with vivid colours and quirky interior to play about with. We were all feeling pretty excited about the space and how we could use it for the shoot.

When taking the photos, I wanted to make sure there was variation between each shot. I have to admit I am quite a sucker for a head shot, so I made sure to pull back often so that the focus could be on the clothing and location, whilst not taking the attention away from Amy. 

When editing the photos I wanted to make the most of the vibrant colours, without making it too garish. I deepened the shadows, making the colours appear richer whilst bringing up the vibrance a smidge to make the colours really pop.

We were fortunate enough to have the photos selected for Modellen Land Magazine, a fantastic magazine filled to the brim with gorgeous fashion, portrait and fine art photography. It felt like such an honour for the images to be selected. I am sooooo grateful to the ladies who worked so hard for this shoot, without you it would not have been possible. You’re all so amazing and talented, and you transformed a normal Sunday morning into a jam-packed creative one. Thank you <3