Megan and Jordan: A Romantic Country Park Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions. Not only are they a great opportunity to take photos of awesome, loved-up couples, I also get to meet (if I haven’t met them before!) and get to know them better prior to their wedding day. I had previously met up with Megan and Jordan at a pub just outside of Norwich to discuss their wedding plans and to get to know one another. Megan brought along her wedding planner filled to the brim with all of the AMAZING things they have planned for their day (I am ridiculously excited!). It was a really lovely opportunity to meet the two of them, get to hear about their lives and what makes them tick. They are such a wonderful couple. A few months later, we met up for their engagement session. 

We agreed to meet at Whitlingham Lake during the early hours of the evening in the hope of catching some golden light. We couldn’t have planned the shoot on a better day as it was gloriously hot and the low sun was illuminating the session in such an enchanting way. We took some photos amongst the ruins, before heading to the lake to take some photos with the swans (cute fun fact: Megan and Jordan were eager to take photos with the swans as Megan will become Mrs Swan <3 ) and finally heading into an overgrown picnic field full of dried wild flowers. When taking photos of them, they were utterly and completely besotted by one another - it was magical. They are a gorgeous pair of sweethearts, which is an absolute pleasure to photograph. Throughout the session we had a chance to catch up with one another, played games and had a laugh. I can tell that from these photos alone, I know that their wedding day will be an absolute blast! I CAN’T WAIT! Their wedding is coming up in May 2020, so expect to see more pictures from this gorgeous couple next year! <3 

All of my wedding photography packages come with an optional engagement session, which I’d highly recommend going for as they are lots and lots of fun! Couples portrait sessions are also available if you’re simply looking for some nice photos of you and your beau.