Just Me

I wanted my first portrait session of the year to be a self portrait. I wanted it to embody everything that I have learnt and loved from 2017. My focus was on colour. I have always loved colour, but come to the realisation that dark, rich colours are my favourite. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been obvious to me sooner, I pretty much wear black or deep red most days and when asked what I my favourite colour is I’m quick to describe the shade with absolute clarity. For my self portrait I chose black as the main colour, wearing only black and taken against a black wall. During 2017, I developed a love for using a hit of vibrancy through bold colour choices. Although subtle, I went for a bright lip colour to create a contrasting element, especially against my pale skin and hair. 

2017 was a year filled with lots of fantastic projects. I hope 2018 has even more! I intend to push myself to the limit, throwing myself into new projects and working with new clients. I am very excited.