I Want A Lemon Tree

Helen and I ventured to Urban Jungle to take photos for her new website launch (very exciting stuff!). Neither of us had been before and we were so freaking excited! We decided to wander around the jungle, walking down aisles of palm trees, bamboo and a whole bunch of plants we had never seen before with our jaws wide open! There was a lot of “ooh look at that!” and “what’s this?!”. We had fun to say the least. We also walked through the covered areas to find a cactus and geods jungle, which eventually took us to the cafe. 

As soon as you open the cafe door you are hit by the incredible smells of home cooking, and if you wear glasses, like I do, you’re hit by a lot of steam and can’t see where you’re going (d’oh!). Entering the main cafe room, you walk through an incredible vibrant jungle, stepping over a bridge where below are fishes swimming around, gradually making your way to a cosy seated corner. It was such an awesome experience walking through the building. I’m still buzzing just thinking about it.

Sitting on our comfy sofas, drinking a cup of tea was so relaxing. However we did have a job to do, so I got my camera out and started snapping away. The day we took these pictures was a gorgeous sunny autumn day, perfect for our trip to Urban Jungle. However, when taking the photos I had to be constantly aware of when the sun was coming out and when it was hiding behind a cloud to make sure the camera settings did not make overexposed or underexposed images. I also did not want Helen to look like she was squinting in the photos, so I was always aware of where the light was falling on her face. One way to do this is to put your subject in one place and walk around them, noticing where the highlights and shadows are. I would ask her to step forward or move in a certain way if the light was not quite right. 

We headed back outside to take some more photos. We walked through the palm trees, looking up I noticed how the light was coming through the leaves. It looked amazing! After I took several photos, I showed Helen on the back of my camera. We stopped on one image and both made a strange pirate-like inhale of excitement “ARGGHH!”. We knew we had the perfect shot. Dreamy romantic backlight + lens flare… perfecto! We couldn’t resist taking several more!

Once we had our fill of back lighting and lens flare we headed back to the cactus jungle and bamboo area. We strolled through the zones, admiring the plants as we went. The light was really even in these areas, but still held it’s warmth. I wanted to keep the same warm tones throughout the photo series so they flowed really well on Helen’s blog. 

Just before heading back to the car, we took some shots in the sunshine so we could really show off how beautifully blue the sky was for a British November day!!! Gawgus! So the light was not too harsh on Helen, I made her step to one side. There was a shadow of a tree casting really interesting, irregular patterns across her. This made the photos extra jazzy! :P 

In the car we started chatting about what our favourite plants were, both scheming about bringing our partners to Urban Jungle with us next time so that they can help with bringing home a plant or two! One day.. maybe! We ended up getting a little bit lost as we were heading home and (conveniently) found ourselves at Next. We couldn’t resist looking around the home department and getting a cheeky Christmas Costa! What a fab day!

Check out Helen’s new website here <3