Finding Fab Locations

I love going for walks. It’s one of my favourite things to do. It’s really nice to take it easy, taking in the surroundings and be able to refresh my thoughts. I sometimes feel like I get my best inspiration from walking. I have to grab my phone or a pen and paper as soon as I can to jot down my notes.  Going for a stroll, I like to look around at the scenery and nature, seeing the way light falls upon objects and taking note of the interesting textures, lines and shapes that are forming. 

When taking the most recent set of photos of blogger and make-up artist Beth, I took her to a little area near my house. We stopped on long road lined with garages, sheds, fences and gardens. It has a really cool laid back feel to it, which worked well with the look we were going for. I’ve used this location on multiple photo shoots and managed to use different areas along the road each time. I love symmetry (very much inspired by Wes Anderson) and we used this by having Beth standing in the centre of the road, with all the lines leading towards her. We also took some photos with a metal gate in the background. The lines on the gate were used to mirror the leading lines from the previous shots. After taking many, many photos, we wandered back to mine so Beth could do a quick outfit change. I say quick, but we ended up chatting away about life and Christmas, and such. It’s nice to have a good ol’ natter! ;) 

Heading out again, we wanted to find a similar location. A built up residential spot with lots of cool textures and lines. Walking through aisles of terraced houses, we stumbled across a little pebbled alley way. Down the alleyway was lots of over grown plants, draping over the fences and pouring into the street. We were pretty excited about finding this location. It goes to show it really helps to just wander around. Although I knew about the previous location we shot at, I had no idea this really cool location was just a couple of roads down! It was such a fluke that we found it seeing there was so many other terraced streets we could have opted for. We tried to make the most of the street, taking photos in front of, beside and pretty much emerging from all of the plants! 

I love finding locations like this. It’s so exciting to have lots of different options to play with. I especially like the deep, rich colours of the plants contrasting the soft, muted tones of the street. I can highly recommend going for walks just to find locations. Just walk as much as you can. Some golden locations are well hidden and are such a gem to come across!