Featured In Bring Me Magazine

Good news, everyone! I have been featured in Bring Me Magazine for my editorial series “Sunset Street”. Woohoo! Click HERE to buy your copy!!

The photos that have been featured were taken back in September on a gorgeous sunny evening. We took the photos between 6pm-8pm just as the sun was setting and becoming more and more dewy. Gorgeousness! The sun as inspiration, we used gorgeous warm tones to set the mood for the shoot. 

My amaaazing team really helped to bring the shoot to life. Chloe, who I have worked with multiple times, brings so much energy and creativity to her modelling. She makes taking photos lots of fun, we are always cracking each other up and coming up with ideas together that help to push the shoot forward. Beth Atkins is such a fantastic make-up artist. I love her passion for using cruelty-free products whilst being able to create breathtaking make-up looks. Beth Poulter is a fabulous stylist who goes above and beyond to create eye catching and unique outfit combinations. Her styling was sooooo perfect for the look of the shoot and suited the location really well. 

We took the photos at The Enterprise Centre at the UEA. The modern, neutral background helped to really make the styling stand out against it. It was a perfect contrast. I started shooting with the sun falling on the opposite side of the building so that the light on Chloe was soft and dewy. However as the sun started to fall ever so slowly, we moved round to the back of the building so that the photos did not become too dark (trying not to whack up the ISO). The light leaving the sun was becoming softer and softer. The helped to keep the lighting on Chloe really natural and flattering, rather than the sun casting dramatic shadows upon her. 

If you get a chance, please take a look at the magazine, it would mean a lot to all of us involved in this shoot. If you’re looking to work on an editorial project, please drop me a message. I would absolutely love to hear your ideas.