Evening Portraits With Becki

It is getting darker earlier. The perfect opportunity to take evening portraits! Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I love being surrounded by warm tones, paths covered in leaves and cosy evenings. Heading out with camera in hand, in the evening leads to creating atmospheric, cinematic photos.

I met up with Becki at the Millenium Plain n Norwich. I chose this location due to the vividness of the surrounding street lights as well as the lights escaping the glass front of the Forum. St Peter Mancroft’s grounds consist of trees lit up by amber spot lights, I chose this area to shoot in first. 

We stood amongst the black iron gates and graves, sheltered by the branches of the trees. What might sound like a spooky setting, turned out to be the exact opposite. I was mesmerised by how intense the light was on the trees, so I asked Becki to stand in front of the trees and pointed the camera to shoot up at her. I kept the aperture open wide so that the light on the trees looked soft and dreamy. Becki styled herself in a glittery gold top, paired with a black bomber jacket and black jeans. The dark tones in her outfit makes her contrast the orange glow around her. The photos feel balanced. 

We then moved to the front of the Forum. Becki stood in front of the glass opening so that the light was behind her. I did this to make sure the photos work well as a set. It keeps them all looking coherent with the light always being behind her. The lights coming from the Forum were much cooler in tone than the amber lights at the church. I used Lightroom to warm them up. I also took some photos of her sitting on the steps, with the light gently brushing the area behind her to give the series a bit of variation. We had fun playing with my Lensbaby too. We shot a few photos in front of the forum and the church. I’m so in love with the results! The Lensbaby distorts the image in such a way that makes the light look pulled to the corners. ooh firey! 

We headed to the entrance of the Forum and stood either side of the glass. The glass helped to make the lighting look soft and dreamy, as well as softening the overall look of the image. I love these photos because they have a real cinematic feel. I really like that Becki is looking away in these shots. I think this is what makes it feel so cinematic. Like we’re watching a moment in time… or something like that! ;) 

Why not venture out with me and take some fab evening portraits? Please send me a message here :)