Electric Eye

I am over the moon that IMIRAGEMagazine has published my photos of the wonderful Megan Rudling in the series titled Electric Eye. It couldn’t have been possible without the wonderful team Rebecca Morello - make-up artist - and Sophie Chittock - stylist. Between us we came up with four different looks to develop the story behind the shoot. 

The shoot was based around fairy lights and three colours, blue, purple and pink. The concept behind this shoot is connectivity. The lights represent us as humans and how we all stay connected in a digital world. We follow each other on social media with an insight into each others lives, we have an electric eye on each other. However we often forget to speak to one another or make the effort to communicate because we feel connected by simply watching. It is important for the world to become connected, digitally holding hands like fairy lights on a string. 

You can take a look at the magazine here and purchase your own copy too! I’ll be posting photos from this shoot on my Instagram so make sure you take a look, and I highly recommend following the fabulous team as very are bloody brilliant!