How To Make The Most Of A Colour Palette For A Photo Shoot

My starting point for this shoot was Darcy’s gorgeous red hair. A very good place to start. I wanted to keep the styling very simple, going for a Teen Vogue inspired make-up look created by Sarah. I opted for a complimentary clash in colour with the use of a bright raspberry pink dress, paired with a pale blue denim jacket. The denim jacket helped to tone down the pink and to separate the pink tones from the red tones in her hair. At this point we had three colours to focus on; pink, red and blue.

We took the photos in a park filled with willow trees and covered walkways. The sun was hiding behind some grey clouds, creating a neutral, soft light. Perfect for photo shoots! When taking the photos, I would ask Darcy to stand a slight distance from the trees so I could keep the background softer and the attention on her. By taking the photos in the park it added brown and green to our colour palette. 

When editing the colours in Lightroom, I was undecided about transforming the green tones to look more autumnal to go with the reds and pinks. I must have been staring at the colours for way too long, tweaking the Hue, Saturation and Luminance sliders constantly umming and ahhing about whether I liked it. Then it struck me. The reason why I didn’t like the autumnal tones was because it looked too heavy. It wasn’t feeling very Teen Vogue like I hoped for. After a quick google search, I had my head back in the game. I found this series of images, and adored the bluer tones of the grass and plants. I reset the green and yellow sliders, opting for bluer tones. I think this helps to separate Darcy from the background and ties in nicely with her blue denim jacket. I also made the colours richer and vibrant to jazz it up and make the images pop!

My advise is to always keep inspiration images or a mood board nearby. You can refer to this while you’re editing and keep the series of images concise. It is great to experiment with Lightroom and Photoshop to see what affects or tones you can create, always play around with the settings and see what you can come up with.