Atmospheric Evening Portraits

Emelia approached me asking for some portraits as a treat to herself for her Birthday. To suit both of our schedules, we met up on Monday evening to take some atmospheric night time portraits. I’m sooo glad we did as I am really in love with the deep, rich tones and contrast between the light and dark areas of the photos. We met up at the Forum in Norwich, taking some photos outside the front as there was plenty of light leaking through the big glass windows. We then walked to Chapelfields and took some photos outside the front of the shops. 

I really enjoy shooting in dark settings, although it is a challenge, I really love how charming grain can look in an image. In my opinion it feels so raw and authentic. I think it is easy to shy away from dim lighting locations as it can be a worry that you might make the photos too grainy or the light doesn’t fall very naturally on your subject. I find this challenge exciting, a good way to make sure the light is looking on point is to ask your subject to sit or stand in a location, walk around them and seeing how the light is different as you rotate around them. Also look at what is happening behind your subject to decide whether the background is too busy or distracting. I often shoot around Norwich in the day time and seeing the contrast of these places from day time to night time is really interesting. The way light falls from a building and onto the streets is magical.

I think the photos we took together have a cool urban feel to them, which is helped by Emelia’s styling and the built up city location. I particularly like the light being behind Emelia as it helps to separate her from the backdrop, bringing her forward to keep the focus on her. We took these photos in just 45 minutes and managed to get a good variation of shots for just a small area. This is something I try to do with my blogger clients to make sure we can make most of the time we have together and fit in as many outfit change ups as possible. 

As the nights are slowly getting brighter, there will be less opportunities to take night time portraits until the autumn rolls around again (I’m sure that will come quicker than we think!). If you would like to have some evening portraits taken, please send me a message via the Contact page. I would love to hear from you.