Alextson: Lifestyle Product & Branding Photography

I love supporting local businesses and will often spend a lot of time searching for creative peeps to follow and support their work. For a long time, I have supported the wonderful Alextson and her gorgeous artwork (go check her work out!). When I spotted her line drawing animals series on Instagram, I knew I had to photograph them!

Printing from the original artwork, Alex decided to create three variants of the same piece using different mediums of gold: gold foil, gold paint and the third was left as the original print. Each variant transforms the image entirely making them unique. I wanted to really bring out the pretty sheen of gold in all of the images, so I used my lightsaber (not a real lightsaber, it’s just what I call it. It is in fact a Yongnuo YN360 II LED Light Wand, which I adore and take with me to shoots and weddings. It’s incredibly versatile) to make the gold pop. My goal was to keep the focus on the gold circle in each piece to show the difference in the variants. Alex’s style is minimal and feminine, therefore I wanted to reflect this in the styling of the shoot. It is important to keep your client’s style and brand in mind when shooting lifestyle product photography, as you want the images to reflect them, how they work and the pieces they create. Framing the prints with ivy, I positioned the pieces on top of a wooden table and my lightsaber to my left. The light caught the texture and sheen of the gold to enhance it as a focal point. Photographing each artwork as both a flat lay and at a 45’ angle, I changed the styling of the ivy for each animal to give them their own unique look. 

I adored taking photos of Alextson’s beautiful pieces and I hope they have charmed you too, with the simplistic yet detailed line work and the pop of gold drawing you in. Stunning! 

Here are several links to where you may find Alex’s work, make sure you check them out: