Adam and Aimee’s Theatrical Wedding (In 20 Photos!)

Imagine my excitement when Adam got in touch with me to say that his partner, Aimee, and him were planning a theatrical wedding at the beautiful and eccentric Puppet Theatre. I genuinely squealed with joy! The couple work as magicians and they wanted to reflect their gift for theatrics in throughout their day, whilst ensuring it was relaxing and chilled out too. He filled me in on all the juicy plans for the day and I could not wait for the day to roll around. Seeing their ideas come to life was like walking through the wardrobe and into a gothic version of Narnia. It was magical! I entered the building to discover the guests all dressed up in fantastical fancy dress costumes, which they all put a lot of time and effort in to. There were clowns, witches, voodoo doctors and even the zombie Chuckle Brothers made an appearance. It was awesome! Each guest carved a pumpkin, which was displayed throughout the day in the auditorium, and at the end of the evening they all took home someone else’s pumpkin - such a fun idea! The guests gathered in to the auditorium and took their seats in the raised pews. The costumes and the theatrical setting truly kick-started the dramatic (and fun!) mood of the day.

The regsitrar asked everyone to stand for the arrival of the bride. Aimee’s walk down the aisle was truly epic. She entered to the music of “In The Land Of Gods and Monsters” sung by Jessica Lange for American Horror Story. Aimee gracefully and slowly glided down the steps. By deliberately taking her time, it allowed her guests to watch her and admire her for longer. The lighting fell behind and in front of her, which made her entrance feel even more thrilling as she entered the room as a silhouette. Step by step, the light slowly poured on to her as though she was a movie star making a grand entrance. The auditorium was silent, but like a silence I had never heard before. It’s difficult to explain. It was as though their family and friends took in an inhale of breath from astonishment for how spellbinding her entrance was. It was so powerful. Honestly, I felt goosebumps across my arms for how stunning and breathtaking her entrance was. It was incomparable to anything I had ever seen before. There ceremony was filled with brilliant readings and quirky details, such as a coffin-shaped ring box. 

For their couples portraits, I whisked them away from their adoring friends and family to the Riverside Walk. Strolling along the pathway, we took relaxed photos along the river and under the willow trees. The autumnal setting was just as enchanting as the Puppet Theatre. The sun was low in the sky and painted a gorgeous, golden glow upon the scenery and the newlyweds. When we headed back to the puppet theatre, we spotted a little archway formed by branches, which we couldn’t resist to stop at and grab a few more shots! We arrived back at the venue to the sound of their guests clapping and cheering, eager to welcome the couple to the reception. 

Guests found several cosy spots in the venue to chill out and catch up with one another. However once the food had arrived, more and more guests were hanging out by the buffet area. Why? AIMEE AND ADAM ORDERED DOMINOS PIZZA FOR THEIR WEDDING BREAKFAST!! YAAAAAAAAASSS!! Everyone was eager to grab a slice (or two)! Aimee and Adam decided they would like their “Cake Cutting” picture to be taken in front of the Dominos boxes. Absolutely! These two are definitely my kind of people! Once Aimee and Adam called out “Pizza!”, the buffet table was flocked to by guests with enthusiastic smiles upon their faces - I mean, can you really blame them?! ;) Plates were stacked with pizza and yummy treats. Once guests had helped themselves, they went to explore the venue and find more cosy spots to hang out in. 

Adam’s speech was short and sweet, and certainly full of heart. His speech focused on the thank yous, commenting on how happy he was to be with Aimee as well as how amazing she is. Everyone cheered and clapped unanimously. Adam then asked his guests to follow him to the auditorium for their first dance, get the party started and dance the night away!  

It was soooo difficult to narrow down their wedding day into 20 images - but I somehow managed to do it! If you would like to see more of their wedding, click here to see the full gallery.