Lauren and Ross: A Countryside Wedding Full Of Love & Laughter (Part 1)

Lauren and Ross’ wedding was one I had been looking forward to for some time. Due to the pandemic, they had gone through the misery and stress of postponing their wedding six times! Eventually, they were able to reschedule their wedding almost a year to the day of their original wedding date! It was absolutely a wedding that was worth the wait!

The day started with the two of them getting ready at different houses: Ross got ready at his house and Lauren got ready at her parents’ house. I visited them both to capture how they spent the morning. Feeling nervous, Ross had a quiet morning, enjoying a drink and the company of a few family members, who helped to keep him relaxed and get him ready for the day. In contrast to this, Lauren spent her morning with her four bridesmaids (Lorna, Kerry, Bryony and Sarah), her parents and Nanny, with additional family members joining them as the morning went on. It was a lively morning filled with laughter, getting glammed-up by the brilliant Toni Clark and Amy Hales, as well as playing with their two adorable dogs: Peggy-Sue and Mabel. Soon, it was time for Lauren to get into her breathtaking La Belle Angele dress with the help of her mum (Ruth) and bridesmaid (Kerry).  Once everyone was ready, Lauren was whisked off to the brilliant Southwood Hall in her family friend’s corvette.

When they arrived, they were greeted by the lovely staff at Southwood Hall along with the registrar, Malcolm. He hosted a wonderful ceremony, which got everyone cracking up and even encouraged the best man to take a bow once he had handed out the rings. It was a really special celebration filled with movie quotes and music that were included for sentimental reasons that reflected who they are as individuals and as a couple.

After the ceremony, we went outside to kick off the party. We strolled along the paved walkway, led by the newlyweds, which took us to the back of the venue where we were greeted by a herd of cattle. The cows grazed happily on the nearby fields, whilst the guests enjoyed the confetti line, along with spending some time to take a few group photos and eating lots of scrummy canapés. It was so much fun! Their guests were up for a laugh and a good time, which I loved documenting through my camera.

Soon, I will post part two of this AMAZING wedding. Make sure to come back and take a look at what happened next!

Sarah and Chris: A Pretty, Colourful Garden Engagement Session

In some ways the Covid-19 pandemic has brought people together through video calls, online quizzes and various other means. This was definitely the case for Sarah and Chris. Being neighbours for sixteen years, they formed a bubble together and realised their friendship was flourishing into something much more. I was moved by their story, how they expressed that their children grew up together and how excited they were for this new chapter in their life. 

We met at Castle Park, Colchester, which is the setting of the biggest built castle and the largest remains in Europe. The castle is now a museum filled with a wealth of interesting historical artefacts. The castle is surrounded by lots of beautiful gardens which we certainly made the most of to photograph Sarah and Chris’ engagement session. We were spoilt for choice: archways draped in wisteria; a quiet lake with swan pedalo boats and of course the breathtaking castle itself. If you have never been to Castle Park, I highly recommend a visit because there is so much to explore. 

Restoring Old Photographs

Photographs are important to me. I’ve always loved flicking through old family photo albums and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. I also love looking at the albums from before I was born, spotting family members in their younger years and discovering fun facts like finding out my dad used to have a perm (and he rocked it!)!! Over the last eight years, my mum has been backing up old family photos on to hard drives for us all to have and enjoy. I often find myself opening up the photos and having a look through. Some of the files are scans of crumpled-up, very much loved photos of grandparents with their friends and relatives, which my mum has asked me to restore. I happily agreed to retouch them as I know how much these photos mean to me and my family. 

I have spent many years experimenting and working with Photoshop so I could use some of the techniques I’ve learnt to remove scratches, dust and colour correct the photographs. I loved editing the photos as it made me feel all warm inside by seeing how sweet my grandparents were (and still are!) and being able to restore the photos to how they should look felt really rewarding. Photos are important. I believe they should be cherished and looked after. By restoring old photos, I can make the photos pop again and give them a new life. I found out my Grandad has been carrying around one of the photos I recently restored and showing it off to people, which is really sweet to hear. It’s amazing how much a photo of something or someone can mean to one person. 

I’ve loved working on these restoration projects and deeply understand the importance of how special the memories are behind a photograph. That is why I’m offering my restoration services to you :) 
If you have any old images of loved ones which you think could be given a little TLC, get in touch! I would love to help restore your photographs and give you images that make you beam from ear to ear.